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Getting standard medical testing and X-rays can be a time-consuming process that causes you to miss work and waste valuable time. Waiting hours in the emergency room of a hospital can be a nightmare for individuals who have an urgency and want quick diagnostics. Unlike hospitals, which frequently require you to travel off-site for certain testing, an on-site treatment center will conduct all of these tests in one spot. An on-site testing facility allows you to go to a single location and have all of your blood tests, labs, x-rays, and even you’re EKG done. This means you can eliminate the waiting time and do all of your tasks in one location.

Aims Urgent Care provides all types of laboratories, EKGs, and X-rays in one location. In fact, if you require multiple tests, you can schedule your appointments so that you only need to visit once or twice and will be completed with all of your tests. Once your doctor has informed you of the tests that must be performed, all you have to do is to call us and schedule an appointment for the test that is required. We assist you in scheduling the tests in the most efficient manner possible.

Unsurprisingly, the majority of individuals find this to be far more convenient. Many doctors who are not linked with a specific hospital have begun advising their patients to get their tests performed at these on-site facilities because it saves them time and effort.

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